Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The power of a soft answer

I'll never forget the time when I about 10/11 year's old I was having a "debate" with my "rival" Jenny McLoy. She as about 11/12, and we were having an argument on women pursuing careers. Our debates did have the right to be called debates, all we were doing was just yelling back & forth at each other getting angry.=)

It was then when my mom pulled me aside and asked me what we were arguing about. I explained to her that I believed that it was wrong for women to pursue careers, and therefore if I believed it, it must be right!

Now this post isn't going to be a Feminism vs. Femininity post, this post is going to be about a comment I received;

you know, I have seen a lot of people being rude and mean about this really stupid debate... what about the Bible? You seem to have forgotten the BIBLE and you're worshiping LotR... not the Lord... does it really matter who likes who? Please, honestly read your Bible instead of LotR all the time, or at least, give proof of your salvation: I know you claim Him as Lord, but the posts you write seem to say that 'LotR saved me'

Whoa. I must confess that I was completely shocked.;-)

Why? Because someone who doesn't even know me seems to have judged me and found all faults.:) Okay, that was a bit overly dramatic.;P

I once had a "blog" on LiveJournal, and all I posted about was my life/church/Bible. ect. Which there is nothing wrong with! I enjoyed doing so, but what I later found out was that people had went to my profile and saw that I liked LotR, and thought,"Oh this girl isn't really a Christian, because she likes LotR the 'satanic trilogy'."

So that's why I decided to have a blog dedicated to LotR and WHY I liked it, and WHY I believed it was NOT satanic. For people who misunderstood read HERE. If you want me to talk about something else, just say the word!!=)

God has dealt(and will continue to;) with many things on my heart. One of my two biggest issues was 1. Pride, and 2. Anger. Those two just sorta seem to go together don't they? Because of my PRIDE I got ANGRY.

I have found out that if I go a day without my Bible, I will become moody, depressed, grouchy, mean, and ect. That's why, Michelle, I actually read it three times a day, and not just LotR.;)

I am one of the worst of people, and I'm not trying to deny it. I'm a SINNER SAVED BY GOD'S GRACE! Not Lord of the Ring's grace. Because LotR will soon pass away, BUT I made this blog for the FUN of it! Not because LOTR is my Saviour. There are a lot of things in the blogging world that are pointless...TAGS for example! Being 'tagged' is a fun thing to do, BUT in Eternity it won't matter. I hope I'm making 'sense' here.=)

After recovering from the 'shock' of Michelle's comment, I thought of this Bible verse:

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. James 1:19-20

So, if I've come across as rude, angry, hateful, mean, selfish, I apologize and beg for your forgiveness! Because I know that I am human and will make many mistakes in life, and later have to pay for them.

If there are any doubts about my Salvation, let me confirm it right here.

I am saved and when I say this I mean that I am a sinner and when I was 8 7 year's old I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save me. And I confessed that I was a sinner. And I believed on His name.

For thy name's sake, O Lord, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great. Psalms 25:11

~The Lady of Light.

P.S. Please know, Michelle, that I am not mad at you in the LEAST.=) And I hope you are not angry with me either.:)


Melinda said...

I LOVE your blog and I don't want you to change a THING! If you want to have a Lotr blog, that's YOUR business, and if people disagree, they don't have to follow.

Your sister in Christ,

Maddilynn said...


~Michelle: Keeper of the Elven Hopechest~ said...

hi! okay, maybe I *overreacted* ; ) And if I came across as a jerk, I'm sorry... but I was genuinely concerned... you actually took it *well*... I've just come across so many blogs where girls go bonkers if someone likes Eowyn or if Legolas has a shampoo joke, it's like... is it really worth it all? I mean: some of these girls are sisters in Christ... and if anything is *said* (and it COULD be discussed) and it should be said in love...

I guess I've seen so many girls have divisions over this... you almost think *all* of them are like that =)

But if it's discussed, I think it should be stated in love, I saw comments on another blog-- girls who'd claim Christ, and they were being very spiteful and mean... I'm sure you agree... LotR isn't worth a friendship especially with a sister in Christ?

Maybe you could make a difference and be especially kind when people might *pass* by your blog and make a random comment about Eowyn in a positive light or something ; ) You already have been generous too! : D So, that's more of an encouragement to be just as kind and loving to the rest of us morons who might make similar mistakes =)Is this something you'd like to discuss further-- bytheway, I am by no means claiming to be perfect either : ) I've got major faults =) I just felt something needed to be said to someone-- you actually listened! Which surprised me : )

Love in Christ,

~Michelle: Keeper of the Elven Hopechest~ said...

Hi, me again. And I'm NOT here to chew you out! : D I'm here to encourage you to good works ; ) As a sister in Christ...

LEt me get this clear though: I DO like LotR, a lot, and I do prefer Arwen by a long shot ; D I don't have a problem with people disliking Arwen or disliking Legolas though... ; ) So, just so you know, I don't think you're wrong because you like LotR

Another thing: I thought this was a blog for your everyday life: not just LotR, if I had known it was dedicated to that, I wouldn't have opened my mouth... cuz... I don't see anything wrong with having a blog for LotR... but becasue I thought it was for your everday life and the only thing appearing on the blog was LotR, I thought you were sort of 'obsessed' : ) So sorry for the mistake. =)

But I have seen blogs (not YOU) I've seen others where commentors and the publishers are simply mean to people who have different opinions, you know? And maybe I should have been clearer: I do NOT have a problem with people discussing this... but I think some people have gone way to far and they're not being loving!

So far YOU have shown a GREAT DEAL of LOVE! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do do with others! Please be a shining light of love and meekness on your blog since you hold these discussions! Please don't be SO enamored with a story that if someone makes a legolas/shampoo joke you're mad... it's not worth it... is it? I don't think God would be angry with a person who makes a clean joke about Legolas... especially since he's not real...

Ther have been so many of these Arwen/Eowyn wars, and they've spilled over to my blog, and I get caught in the middle becasue Ihave friends on both sides and I don't want to offend either! Please, can YOU be the difference in this war? Sometimes it's mean (I am NOT saying you are mean)and rude, and... please see that this is dividing sisters in Christ in some cases! Discuss it: the Arwen/Eowyn thing, and talk about LotR on your blog, but PLEASE be kind and loving about it... I'm not accusing YOU when I say this: but do you think Christ would let Himself be divided over a silly issue?

Stand for what's right! You're the 'Lady of Light' uphold the light! Be different from all the other LotR debating blogs! Be kind and gentle! And, since you like Arwen a lot too: don't you think Arwen WOULD be gracious to Eowyn? And Eowyn would be loving to Arwen? Neither of them would get into this sort of mess... You've taken Arwen as your role modle! Now take up her courage and go do the same as she would: kind, gentle, and gracious! : D Eowyn was wrong of course, but was David any better? And he was a man after God's own heart... sometimes in condeming Eowyn, we condemn ourselves, becasue before God saves us we are no better. Christ had pity on numerous women who were just like Eowyn... shouldn't we extend the kindness?

Now, I'm in no way condemning YOU... but you listened you acted like a real Christian SHOULD, and I'm trying to tell someone they need to wake up and be gracious like a REAL Christian should... you know what I mean? Don't you at least see that some of the Arwen/Eowyn debate is rather mean/spiteful/and hurtful? We're claiming Christ as our Lord, but sometimes we don't show it (and I include myself in that)

And I didn't write this comment to defend myself... it's only to merely encourage you to do like the Lord would be pleased with! =) Follow Him! (and you are ; D Just uphold your Light (light the beacons) Lady of Light,

Love, in Christ

P.S. do you understand what I mean, or am I just going bonkers?