Monday, February 9, 2009

As you can see...

...I love Lord of the Rings. Some Christians may ask, "Why would you watch an evil, satanic movie like that?" Well because its not. In fact, its just the opposite. My favorite thing to do while watching it, is looking for the Christian themes, and their are a LOT of them I assure you. If you have any questions WHATSOEVER, ask me. Please, I love them. So this blog will basically be just a lotr blog.;)

~The Lady of Light


Always Hope said...

I hate when people who have never seen LotR look at it, and say its evil. They have no idea.

~Ithilwen~ said...

I like LotR too!! : )


EchoOfMercy said...

Amen, Lady of Light. I also love to just watch it and all of a sudden something new will just dawn on me and I'm just like "That is so cool!"(most of the time not aloud but in my head). It kills me when people say that LotR and Narnia are evil. You're right, Always Hope, they have NO idea.

~Ithilwen~ said...

Oh, Lady Of Light, your pic of Eowyn and the brawling woman gets me! That's SO funny! At last! Someone who thinks of Eowyn the way my sister and I do (Awel Prince from Chronicles of Nemesis). We think Arwen's better. Doug Philips says a girl should be willing to go anywhere with her husband: Arwen DIED for Aragorn eventually! : ) Eowyn IS cool though, she has some neat moves 'I am no man'. Fancy, the first time she thinks it's great being a woman! : )And I love the 'I know your face' Dad always says tha to me 'alone' : )

Pepper (virtually a nickname : )

Awel Prince said...

Hey, Lady of Light, yeah our famiy's a lotr fanatic, except for my mum. I like arwen a lot better too. Oh and i thought if you wanted, I'd do a header for you. Are there any pics you'd especially want used? Ceretain flowers? Arwen? ; ) I'm guessing Arwen's your favorite character. BTW, where did you get the picture of the lady with blond hair at the very top of your sidebar? I love the pic.

Talk to you later!
~Lieutenant Awel Prince.
P.S. if you have any questions about anything blogging-wise, I'd be happy to help. I've figured most of it out~Lt. Prince

Lady of Light said...


LOL! Arwen is defiantly the better lady. Though I've never seen her as cool in the least(sorry). I used to like "I am no man!" but I don't know it just seems so feminist. As if she's saying women can do anything men can. But I guess that's just me, I've never liked Eowyn.

Lady of Light

Lady of Light said...

Awel Prince,

Thanks for the offer. If its not a bother, I like just about anything that's has something to do with elves.

The picture of the lady is from the movie "Finding Neverland" though I've never seen the movie its an ongoing joke with me, and my sister that's our favorite.

Awel Prince said...

Oh, that's neat. I've been toying with the idea of asking mum to watch that movie because i like the song called 'peter' which i might add to my playlist. Okay, I'll hunt around the LOTR costume site for elf pics! there might be one or two of arwen or galadriel mixed in! I'll comment when it's done and post it on my blog for you to take!
~LT Prince
P.S. The header might take sometime, because it'll be my first one with pics of people. ;)
P.S.S. What really gets me is when somes says NARNIA is BAD and HARRY POTTER is GOOD! :( I'm mean GOOD NIGHT! ;)That'a a total mix up!

Lady of Light said...

Awel Prince,

Take your time. And I love Arwen & Galadriel!

P.S. I know, its pretty horrible how they let children watch Harry Potter, "But Narnia!" "Oh, how could we put such witchcraft before our childrens eyes!" Yeah, it gets on my nerves.

EchoOfMercy said...

I love your new background. It's adorable!!!:)

Awel Prince said...

Lady of Light,
I'm nearly finished with your header! LOL! I thought it might take me awhile, but it just went so fast! I just need to turn it to a color that'll match your new blog background! (Don't worry, I hadn't changed it for the green yet! It's blue right now!;)
~LT Prince

Lady of Light said...

Awel Prince,

That's great. And it didn't take any time at all.



Linisil said...

Lady of Light,
First of all, I want to say that I love the pictures on your blog.

Second, in relevance to your post above... I would be cautious in saying that there are 'Christian' themes in the Lord of the Rings. Why do I say this? Because J. R. R. Tolkien was a Catholic, and they do not believe in the same doctrine as we do (who take the Bible as the ultimate revelation of God's authority over life: spiritual and physical.)

Now, I'm not saying that the LotR is bad, it is one of my favorite movies, but you have to be cautious. Someone could find 'Christian' themes in almost any good piece of literature, but that is not necessarily what the authors had in mind when they wrote their stories. Having a moral standard doesn't make something 'Christian'.

Lady of Light said...


You may want me to be cautious, but I'm not going to be. If you had any idea how many Christian themes Tolkien took out of the Bible, you would agree that Lord of the Rings is one of the most Christian movies of all time. In fact, for a little while it was rated 2nd most Christian movie of all time. As for Tolkien being Catholic, here was his response when asked if he was....

"Catholic? Just what do you mean when you say Catholic? As far as I'm concerned the only time I even suggested I was Catholic, was when I implied that we should respect Mary. Many have tagged me Catholic, but does that change the record book in Heaven?"

Lord of the Rings, is filled with Christianity if you would just take the time to look for it. Also many others believed that Lord of the Rings was Catholic, this was when Tolkien responded....

"Catholic? Just what do you see that is Catholic about it? But of course you can tell yourself that a book means anything, and make yourself believe it. At first I was told that the MY books were filled with witchcraft, and now their Catholic? Honestly, if the Lord of the Rings ever made a Christian take a downfall in his or hers faith, I apologize for ever writing the books."

I shall end with, The Lord of the Rings is filled with Christian themes.

God Bless!

EchoOfMercy said...

In my mind it should've stayed at number 2.
It probably should've been voted number 1.

Awel Prince said...

Lady of Light,
I apologize for Linisil saying that to you! :( You can't tell how embarrased i am about it! there ARE christain themes in lotr because at one time Tolkien was going to write about Illuvatar (His allegorical Jesus) coming to middle-earth and dying.
Again, I'm so sorry!
~Lt. Prince

Linisil said...

I never said that LotR does not have 'religious' themes in it. I was just pointing out that Tolkien does not believe the same gospel as us (and I don't mean that the catholics don't believe in Jesus). The reason I said that Tolkien was a catholic was because every biography that I read about him says that he was. To give you an example, I'll quote a few...

"... as his grandson Simon Tolkien recalls:
I vividly remember going to church with him in Bournemouth. He was a devout Roman Catholic and it was soon after the Church had changed the liturgy from Latin to English. My grandfather obviously didn't agree with this and made all the responses very loudly in Latin while the rest of the congregation answered in English. I found the whole experience quite excruciating, but my grandfather was oblivious. He simply had to do what he believed to be right."

"Throughout his long life Tolkien remained 'forever grateful for her (his mother's) Catholic faith that nourished me and taught me all the little things that I know: and that I owe to my mother, who clung to her conversion and died young.'" 

"Tolkien had for a long time been extremely bothered by what he perceived as Lewis's Anti-Catholicism. In a letter to his son Christopher, he declared:
... hatred of our Church is after all the only real foundation of the C[hurch] of E[ngland]—so deep laid that it remains when all the superstructure seems removed (C.S.L. for example reveres the Blessed Sacrament and admires nuns!). Yet if a Lutheran is put in jail he is up in arms; but if Catholic priests are slaughtered—he disbelieves it (and I daresay really thinks they asked for it).[51]
Lewis' growing reputation as a Christian apologist and his return to the Anglican fold also annoyed Tolkien, who had a deep resentment of the Church of England. By the mid-forties, Tolkien felt that Lewis was receiving a good deal 'too much publicity for his or any of our tastes'."

Now, I don't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers, and I apologize if I seemed harsh, but I want it to be known. Like I said before, we share a lot of things with the Catholic church (like the person of Jesus), but we do not have the same gospel, as Catholics believe in a works-based faith, rather than one dependant on faith in Christ Alone. All good catholics believe that they're going to heaven.

As to 'Christian' themes, that can mean a variety of things. Moral, yes. We share a lot of things in common with other religions: such as Muslim women staying at home, being subject to their husbands and being modest... so we can't say that just because a certain element that is linked to our faith makes something 'Christian', as other religions have taken things from our faith and added them to theirs.

Again, I don't mean to offend anyone. But I did mean to explain what I meant. There are many good things in the LotR, and its one of my MOST favorite books (and movies). Also, we have to be careful about how the world rates things. If they say its 'Christian', what does that mean? They call all of those other churches 'christian' as well, even though we know their doctrine is off.

Soli Deo Gloria

EchoOfMercy said...

Awel Prince,

You did nothing that you need to be sorry about.
No one holds you responsible for somethig that someone else did.


I don't think anything we can say will convince you otherwise so continue on in you ignorance if you so wish, but please don't try to convince us otherwise of something that we know is true.

Bria said...

Lady of Light,
What is your stance on Eowyn? I admired her for her strength and wanting to help her uncle and people; but she went off the deep end when she dressed like a man and went to fight. She came across towards the end to me like a feminist.

Lady of Light said...


I must say that I don't like Eowyn in the least. Nor have I even ever admired her for her bravery. Because in my eyes I don't think she went on the battlefield to protect Rohan, I think she went on there to prove that she could do anything a man could do. And we must remember that she disobeyed her Uncle, and brother by doing so.

People will always say that Eowyn is better than Arwen, because she is the stronger one. BUT, could Eowyn sew a beautiful banner like Arwen did in the book? Would she be willing to wait like Arwen did? Would she be willing to give up her life for the one she loved as Arwen did? I don't think so, she couldn't even cook!

All of these things may seem little, but it is what God made women for.

<>The Lady of Light<>

Debi said...

I'm an LotR Fan! I just redid my blog in it.

Moriah said...

I also very much dislike it when people ask why I would watch such an "evil" movie!! :o