Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's the 'big deal'?

Forgive me, Michelle, but I find it SO much easier to answer you in an entire post than the comment section. If it bothers you, I will stop!=)

Okay, first of all I don't think you are "going bonkers" as you say, I think you have come up with some good points.;) And I agree with you that IF the Arwen/Eowyn debate gets out of hand, that it should stop. I REALLY do! But I however do not think that the Arwen/Eowyn debate is pointless. Here me out please.;)

I have a friend who I love very dearly who prefers Eowyn over Arwen, not because she believes Eowyn is "better", but because she related to Eowyn more!(she had been through a very tough time). And that didn't bother me in the least! Because I knew that she didn't have the kinda attitude that Eowyn did, you know, going out to war, ect.

I'm not saying that Eowyn is a completely wicked person(well, granted we ALL are;), its just after you've been to a bunch of forums of people talking about Eowyn is a great "role-model", that kinda ticks me off.:/ Because when they are speaking of her, they are not talking about when she changes and marries Faramir, they are talking about how she snuck out in Battle, and how she had the "strength to rebel".

That's when it first started to drive me crazy. "The Strength to Rebel". They were taking all of Eowyn's faults(hopefully me & you are on the same page of feminism;) and making her look like some heroine!

You mentioned David, and I love David! But not because he committed fornication!

What I am TRYING to say(not sure I'm coming put real clear;) is that a lot of the people I know(some in real life) are liking Eowyn for all the wrong reasons!

So you see, its not that I have a PROBLEM with people liking Eowyn, what my problem is why they like her that bothers me.=)

So...I think that pretty much sums it up! Oh, another thing! Actually, Arwen is NOT my role-model...:) If we are talking about Middle-earth Galadriel would be my role-model any day!(that's why I was so happy when I came out as her in a quiz!;) But when it all comes down to it our role-model should be Jesus Christ.:)

Oh, ONE more thing!! Concerning Legolas/Shampoo/Hair jokes!=) I don't get mad when I see people who make these jokes, because most of the time they don't where it originally came from!

I don't make these kind of jokes because it was first started by a Homosexual who wanted to fit Sodomy in Middle-earth.:/ So...that's why I don't make them! But I'm not offended when people who have no idea where it started make them.;) BUT, if you ever see someone who gets mad at these jokes, just remember they are probably getting mad because of the Homosexual business.:/

Anxiously awaiting your reply,

~The Lady of Light


~Michelle: Keeper of the Elven Hopechest~ said...

I'll answer ya when I get the time (thanksgiving and all) I haven't read the post, but I mean to : D

Happy Thanksgiving! =)


Kendra Logan said...

I like Eowyn for the "wrong reasons", but I don't think they are wrong. LotR is all sort of symbolic and allegorical, symbolizing fighting for what is right. I don't think it means we should all take up swords, I think it's just symbolizing standing up for what you believe. I'm SURE God stands up in Heaven and cheers whenever a Daughter of Christ wields a "sword" for His glory.

Ellie said...

Are we talking about Eowyn in the books or movies?

~Michelle: Keeper of the Elven Hopechest~ said...

Hey, sorry it took me so long... yeah, I'm against feminism, and I don't like it that Eowyn's rebelling and stuff... I guess I went off the deep end sort of because I have seen other people who hate it that people like Eowyn at all... for any reason...

And... I understand what you mean now about Arwen Vs Eowyn as far as liking Eowyn for wrong reasons... =)

I guess I've had a big mess of it on my blog... someone comments innocently to say they prefer Eowyn and then it seems other girls would send a link to that comment section and everyone would be on that girl for liking Eowyn... 'HOW CAN YOU LIKE HER?!' etc.

Well, Thanks for listening! : D I've seen some girls (not you) who are SO LotR obsessed you can't even poke innocent fun (like a caption game) at it without them going into some sort of holy war : /

Oh, I didn't know that's where the shampoo jokes started... I only saw them on Earwen's blog and when I poke fun at his hair it's because I think it always looks perfect... NOT for wrong reasons ; )

But thanks for listening and not blowing up! You're echoing the love of Christ ; ) unlike me