Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arwen VS Eowyn: We view them as characters, not as biblical examples

Needless to say, the Arwen VS. Eowyn debate is very big in the blogging world(though not AS big as forums would go). Some people have said that 'the great debate' has gotten out of hand with some people, but I have failed to see anybody be down-right-mean or rude, so I am not afraid to write this post. Its amazing as Liv as once said, how so many different people, have so many different opinions, and that ladies & gentlemen, is so very true. Some people hate Eowyn & love Arwen, some think Arwen is okay, but EOWYN IS JUST DOWNRIGHT AWESOME! For the most part, people who hate Eowyn hate her because she tried to steal Aragorn's heart. Other reasons, because she was a feminist, and she rebelled against her uncle. People who hate Arwen hate her because she was a "daddy's girl", "TOO pure", she wears "immodest clothing", she's boring, she "drools over Aragorn".

In eternity, it will not matter in the least who we prefer, because they are JUST CHARACTERS! You are not a sinner for liking Eowyn! It does not make you any more godly if you like Arwen...........

That is IF you view them as characters........

You know its amazing because who we choose as our favorite characters, usually become are hero's. And our hero's usually become our role-models. So it is VERY important who we choose to admire!!!!!

I am being very honest with you when I say that the majority of people who prefer Eowyn, are feminist. They have no desire to be like Arwen, because she stayed under the protection of her father, and she realized that is the MAN'S responsibility to go out to war.

Eowyn WAS feminist! Eomer & Aragorn both have to put her back in her place. And please do not tell me that it was her culture, because it wasn't. "Those without swords can still die upon them", this quote does not mean that women have to go out war and prove their ability! Tolkien knew this! This quote means that women NEED to DEFEND themselves when necessary, just like Arwen did.

The arguement that Arwen wears "immodest dresses" is probably one of the most dumb arguements I've ever heard. I'm not telling you to copy Liv Tyler! Because that's who is really wearing the costume, NOT Arwen! Don't ever believe a word when people tell you Arwen was impure. As for Arwen "drooling over Aragorn", don't listen to that either. It was a dream, NOTHING more!


You can never be "TOO pure", there is nothing wrong with being a "daddy's girl", and don't ever, EVER let anyone convince you that Arwen was "boring". Our mothers are some of our best role-models, and you know what? The World considers them to be wasting their time living a boring life. This is so untrue.

Thank you all for letting me write this all down! And if you read it all, that's AWESOME! I'm sure a lot of people won't. Soon, I'm going to try to write a post about Susan!

In Christ,

~The Lady of Light~


Merilwen said...

Well, of course you know I COMPLETELY agree!

Arwen is just AWESOME!

Lothiriel said...

Great post!

It doesn't bother me when people like Eowyn, but I just don't understand why!

Eruanna said...

I LOVE Eowyn! For different reasons! But Arwen beats Eowyn ANY day!

Arwen RULES!

Lady of Light said...

Merilwen: Well, yeah. I knew that YOU would agree with me!:)

Lothirel: No, it doesn't really bother me either. Except when they talk about what a great role-model she is. Now THAT bothers me.

Eruanna: Like I said, its fine to like Eowyn as a character, but NOT as a role-model.:)

Rosalynn said...

Absolutely! Arwen shines with a purity that Eowyn could never have! Arwen is probably in my top 5favorite female characters! Don't get me wrong! Eowyn had some really great parts! I love the 'I know your face' scenes, and I DO pity her! But I don't think she could ever compare to Arwen. But I DO like her, sorta, its just the whole 'shieldmaiden' thing kinda got on my nerves.:/

Ranger of Ithilien said...

Amen to this post.:)

Arianna said...

I love them BOTH! BUT ARWEN A LOT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anti-Eowyn for Christ FOREVER! said...


Pirate Girl said...

I used to like Eowyn........a LOT........but then I got sick of everybody saying she was a really great yeah...

√čarwen said...

I get SO tired of everyone saying "Arwen is awesome, Eowyn's horrible!"
They're CHARACTERS, for Pete's sake!
Both are very cool. But they're DIFFERENT!

Lady of Light said...

Rosalynn: Thanks for following me!:)

Arianna: Yeah, and that's perfectly fine!:)

Anti-Eowyn: Thanks!

Pirate Girl: Yeah, there's always that.:/

Earwen: Believe or not, Eowyn fans outnumber Arwen fans by a HUGE number.

Thank you all for the comments!

In Christ,

~The Lady of Light~

Princess of Ithilien said...


Wait a second! Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I can very much see why some one could not like Eowyn. Its not our right to say they are wrong in not liking somebody(unless their opinion goes against God's Word)

Anyway! Great post, Lady of Light! I REALLY enjoyed it!

P.S. Did you know that when you write LOL(laugh-out-loud) its the same letters to your name(lady-of-light)? Okay that was random, but I HAD to let it out!:)

Natalie Joy said...

I've always loved Arwen more then Eowyn. But, oh well.

Emmaline said...

I have learned to love them both.:) Even though I'm very impatient with Eowyn at times, and I KNOW its wasn't right for her to go out to war.

Kendra Logan said...

I completely agree, but I still come to the conclusion that I like Eowyn better. *shrug*

My problems with Arwen are the ones you mentioned, but I don't think she drools over Aragorn. I think that's Eowyn's problem!

Still, I prefer to have the warrior maiden be my role model than the soft elf girl. (Oh, lol, I just read in your replies to comments that it annoys you when people say that! Lol, go figure I would be the one to say that XD) I just relate more to Eowyn.

Eowyn is in no way less "pure" than Arwen. Just because she takes up a sword does not mean she is "impure".

Love your blog! You should post more!


King's Daughter said...

Just wanted you to know that I agree with everything.:)

Anna Maria said...

I just love them both, as a role model I prefer Arwen, but as a character I prefer Eowyn, mainly because she did something.

I think it ruined it a little her falling for Aragorn, I just didn't like thinking of him as someone that all the girls fell for.

On thinking it over I would have liked Arwen to figure more in the book/movie we didn't really get to see much of her.

Bracie said...

Funny... I think you quoted me... =D I wrote that Arwen drools over Aragorn and wears immodest dresses... and my opinion still stands.

I agree with what you said about liking both Eowyn and Arwen because they're JUST CHARACTERS.

Arwen DOEs wear immodest dresses- and not just in the dream sequence. She has several necklines that would be way too low for me.

As to the point about her being Liv Tyler and not Arwen, I could completely agree. Except the double standard. Girls say, "That's just Liv Tyler" and then paste up pictures of Liv Tyler/Arwen all over their blogs. And the Arwen they're in love with is the Arwen of the MOVIES, not the books. Because honestly, Arwen's scenes in the books are VER FEW.

And the neckline thing? It's not that I mind that much. It drives me batty, however, when I see so many girls talking about how modest and pure of heart she is and then, as I said above, paste pictures all over their blogs.

Neither of them are my role-model. Eowyn is, however, more human (Arwen's an elf! Tee hee), and thus a more relatable character. She DOES end up submitting to her (AWESOME!) husband, Faramir.

Jesus Christ is my role model.

And if you're just going by the books (in which Arwen isn't Liv Tyler and doesn't wear any immodest dresses) then half of Arwen is gone. Because in the books she doesn't save Frodo... or defend herself...

And Arwen (in the movie, making the choice to become immortal)blatently disobeys her father while Eowyn sort of disrespects
her uncle.

Lady of Light said...


First of all, no I WAS NOT quoting you.;) I was actually quoting someone I knew in real life.=)

Bracie said...

Really? Your friend and I must think alike... I wrote as much on the Arwenvseowyn blog! =D

Siminy said...

Oh this is sad... =(

Please quote anywhere were it says girls cannot wield a sword or make choices in the Bible.

~Michelle: Keeper of the Elven Hopechest~ said...

you know, I have seen a lot of people being rude and mean about this really stupid debate... what about the Bible? You seem to have forgotten the BIBLE and you're worshiping LotR... not the Lord... does it really matter who likes who? Please, honestly read your Bible instead of LotR all the time, or at least, give proof of your salvation: I know you claim Him as Lord, but the posts you write seem to say that 'LotR saved me'